Is star-studded Google turning into the New York Yankees of tech?

Google snags the head of Amazon's A9. But is Google's brain surplus sustainable?
Stephen Baker

Google is trying to do with brains what the Hunt brothers attempted with silver a few decades back: to corner the market. Of course, the very idea is preposterous, but they are running an unsettling surplus of gray matter. Rob Hof has a good analysis of Google's latest catch, this time the head of Amazon's A9 search operation, Udi Manber. Clearly, the bumps in Google's stock didn't spook him.

I'm thinking we should keep our eyes open for defections from Google, perhaps a leading indicator of its decline from dominance. (Or would it be a lagging indicator?) In any case, at some point, if it's not happening already, all these brilliant stars corraled in the same company are going to start stepping on each other's toes and getting antsy. Larry and Sergey have probably been too busy to notice, but they would do well to study the recent history of the star-studded and star-crossed New York Yankees.

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