Help! My Home Page Has Fallen and Can't Get Up!

Rob Hof

OK, I think my feed reading habits have finally broken my browsers. When I go to my MyYahoo page (and even more, when I click on a link to leave it), the browser keeps hanging. Then I get a dialogue box that says: "A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

I don't think it's the browser software, since I get a very similar dialogue box with Firefox under the same conditions. It doesn't happen every time, but sometimes a lot--enough to drive me nuts, anyway--and a Google search didn't turn up a good fix. (I'm sorry, but I don't have the courage for this supposed fix, and it's only for IE anyway.)

I suspect I just have too many modules on MyYahoo--more than 160 RSS feeds plus about 26 other modules, totaling 141,868 bytes. These delays and dialogue boxes don't come up when I click between other Web pages, so I'm pretty sure it's associated with MyYahoo.

I know, I need to quit doing my newsreading on MyYahoo, but I like it for a number of reasons. And I need to seriously cull my feed list, but I'd rather not just yet.

So my questions are: One, is there a fix for this browser-busting, or am I stuck as long as I have so many feeds and use MyYahoo? And two, anybody know of a way to export feeds (probably through OPML) from MyYahoo so I can plug them into a more dedicated feed reader? I spied a technique that Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny suggested awhile back on his blog, but it doesn't seem to work now. Thanks for any help. I'll have plenty of time to read replies while I wait for my browser to load....

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