Planning Ahead, But How Far?

Toddi Gutner

I’ve got cold feet. Maybe this blog can warm them. My husband and I are 44 and 45, respectively, and we’re starting to think about where we want to spend our time from age 55 and up. Santa Fe comes to our minds. We love the mountains and we ski, bike and hike.

Planning Ahead, But How Far?

I saw a friend over the weekend who divides her time between Santa Fe and Washington, D.C. She said we can still get a small house on 2-3 acres just outside Santa Fe for $300K or so, but not for long.

I’m not necessarily talking about buying a vacation home because I don’t want to limit family vacations to Santa Fe. I’m talking about buying a home in advance of an anticipated need and before the prices run up. We all know, you can’t time the market but I think it is a no-brainer that places like Santa Fe will have a rise in real estate prices as fit baby boomers retire.

Of course, I haven’t done the research because as I said, I still have cold feet, but I wonder: When is the right time to plan and invest for that empty-nest stage in your life? Is it 45, when it would be a bit of a financial stretch now, but in ten years who knows what will be available? Or do you wait until it is time to move?

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