News on the NPR Podcasting Front

With 13 million downloads to date, NPR rolls out more features for podcasting, longer shows, and more content created especially for podcasts.
Heather Green

To my surprise, NPR debuted the third phase of its podcasting strategy today. (I mean, I really didn't realize they were working in stages....)Here's what's new, beyond the fact that they have had 13 million downloads of their podcasts:

"--the first free download of NPR’s hit irreverent topical quiz show, Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me – which also marks the first full-program podcast of an NPR-produced show

--all 24 of NPR News’ hourly Newscasts, now being offered as a single podcast

--the introduction of additional NPR Podcasts, including new content under the experimental “alt.NPR” brand

--archiving of episodic podcasts available through the website."

(Our style is Web site, but it's their release, so what the heck.)

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