Starting a Blog Could Boost Your Profile

Depending on your business, starting a blog could be a low-cost method of boosting your profile with potential customers and the media and even helping your Web site’s ranking in “organic” search results. It could also be a time-consuming effort that yields relatively little benefit to your bottom line. It all depends on the commitment you’re willing to make to your blog and its content.

Although this may now be unnecessary, let me first point out what a blog is for those who still may be a bit uncertain.

A “blog” (formerly “Web log”) is a publishing tool — there are many on the market — that is simple to set up and update. You can usually have one up and running in minutes. They are typically hosted and entirely Web-based. Regardless of the provider, they also tend to resemble one another. Here are several of the leading vendors:

Google’s Blogger

SixApart, which owns three blog products: Moveable Type, TypePad, and LiveJournal


There are many more hosted blogging applications, and all the major portals have blogging tools, including AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and Lycos. All of those are free, as is Blogger.

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Greg Sterling Internet and media analyst The Kelsey Group

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