Ameriquest, Hummer and ABC Top The Super Bowl Ad Slugfest For Me

David Kiley

Okay, my ranking is not as scientific as perhaps USA Today's or The Wall Street Journal. We didn't employ a panel or dfo a survey of Super Bowl viewers. It was just me, my wife, my four-year old son (Happy Birthday Henry...he was born literally during the fourth quarter of the 2003 Super Bowl), a bottle of un-named beer (no product placement here) and my high school football helmet full of onion dip.

But I know good ads when I see them, and bad ones when they go thud.

As I said in my story posted late Sunday night, this was a terrible Super Bowl. The game was mediocre. The Rolling Stones half-time show was ill-conceived and lethargic and Aaron Neville, Katrina or no Katrina, had no business singing the national anthem with Aretha Franklin. And the ads...were as bad as Ben Roethlisberger's passing game.

Ameriquest's ads were funny, to the point, totally gettable in a distracted room of game watchers. The Hummer ad was an excellent example of how to tell a story in an advertising format...the lizard and the robot having a baby that turns out to be a Hummer H3.

I can't go along with the high scores given to the Fedex spot by both the WSJ and USA Today polls. First, cavemen are pretty overdone. Second, the spot tried to hard I thought to be funny. And it would have fallen flat completely if not for the cheap laugh at the end when the guy gets stomped to death by the mastadon foot.

On the whole Budweiser blew a lot of cash on a batch of spots that never got passed a grin. The sentimental horse ad in which the colt is trying to pull the beer wagon was nice. And the magic beer fridge was pretty funny. But the rest were a bunch of fives and sixes on a scale of ten.

I always say...if you are going to advertise in the Super Bowl, you'd better bring your A-game. The football game itself was less than super, but the ad game this year was semi-pro at best.

P.S....I thought the best piece of production all day was ABC's intro of the game, a riff on the Dr. Seuss classic children's book, "Oh The Places You'll Go," starring actor Harrison Ford and the MVPs from the past Super Bowls that were honored during the game. Between that slick piece of work, which attracted my son to the screen like a magnet, and the promos for Desperate Housewives, I'd say ABC's in-house folks did the best job of the day.

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