How much is an ad worth on a Top Topless Beaches slide show?

How much is an ad worth on Forbes' Top Topless Beaches slide show? Publications are going to learn to customize rates for each story, and each reader.
Stephen Baker

I was just looking at They have features and slideshows on topless beaches and luxury spas (many of them featuring topless women getting backrubs). I'm sure these features get loads of traffic. But is a page view on a topless feature at a magazine like Forbes worth as much as one on an unsexy story on Gazprom?

My bet: If you're reading about a Russian oil company, you might be more susceptible to distractions from advertisements. One of these steamy slideshows from a spa, by contrast, is likely to focus viewers on the, hem, editorial content.

We'll be learning a lot more about these differences. Behavorial advertising company TACODA is conducting experiments to track Websurfers' eye movements as they look at ads--and the firing of neurons in the brain as they process them. With this data, advertisers and publishers will be able to customize rates for each story--and, with time, each reader.

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