Dabble This

A little more on the Dabble video, after speaking with the service's designer Mary Hodder.
Heather Green

Om Malik has a great post on Dabble, a new service that Mary Hodder is developing. I spoke with Mary for some other reporting and talked to her about Dabble, which uses a set of technologies to wade through video online and share your finds with other people using the service.

Not a minute too soon, I say, with the explosion of video online. Dabble works with around 95 video hosting companies across the Web. Dabble doesn't host the 40,000 videos it's tracking from these services, it simply helps you find the videos you want on them.

Mary says that the service makes sense of the content in four ways:

1/ By allowing people to bookmark videos so they can pull together the videos they like from different services. "I would like to call them videomarks," says Malik.

2/ By offering a search of all of the different video services.

3/ By enabling a Craigslist type feature where people ask for the kinds of videos they're interested in.

4/ By helping people create Playlists. This way, instead of defaulting to the star rating system to try to figure out whether something is relevant to your taste, you can see playlists where people create buckets of say, dog videos, and describe how a video is useful.

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