An Audi That Pampers and Protects

The A6 Quattro grips the road in the worst weather and doesn't skimp on luxury. All in all, a nice alternative to a high-end SUV

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Available all-wheel drive, well-appointed interior

The Bad: Disappointing Consumer Reports reliability rating, complicated controls

The Bottom Line: A midsize luxury car that's marvelous to drive

The Audi A6 Quattro is a wonderful set of wheels. It's a midsize luxury car with a slightly softer feel than a BMW, but it still has the unmistakable handling characteristics of a German "driver's car." It's also safe, practical (with a spacious trunk and fold-down rear seats for hauling stuff in a pinch) and, with the all-wheel drive option, handles well in any weather. If you're looking to trade in a gas-guzzling luxury SUV for something a little more fuel-efficient, the A6 is definitely a model to consider.

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