Few discounts on yesterday's fund picks

Aaron Pressman

I forgot that it’s pretty easy to use Morningstar to check where funds are available for purchase without loads or other transaction fees. When I checked yesterday’s picks, though, only one of three was available for cheaper purchase and it doesn’t have a front-end load.

The FBR Pegasus Fund (FBRPX) is available on the “retail” no transaction fee platforms of Schwab OneSource and TD Waterhouse, according to Morningstar. The Keeley Midcap Value Fund (KMCVX) is available without a transaction fee only on the institutional side of Fidelity and Schwab, not directly to retail customers, Morningstar says. Finally, the Reaves Select Research Fund (RSRAX) has no such deals. But if the funds grow and continue to perform well, they may well get added, so keep a look out.

In another addendum, BW editor Jeff Laderman notes that the magazine also wrote favorably about the then-upcoming Chipotle IPO.

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