Chicago Transit chair got blogging inspiration in a bar

Chicago Transit chair got the inspiration to blog when she read that a rider referred to her as the Angel of Death.
Stephen Baker

I was on a panel in Chicago yesterday with Carole Brown, a senior official at Lehman Bros., and also chair of Chicago's Transit Authority, the second largest urban system in the country. She said that while she waited for a friend in a bar during a CTA funding crisis last year, she was reading on her PDA all the caustic comments about her in an online forum. One person called her the "angel of death." That was when she decided to blog. Lots of important officials would set up a meeting and ask a tech team to search out the right blogging platform. Carole just set up her free blog on Blogger. She doesn't post that often. But there's dialog and the comments are good.


Carole Brown

Also at the panel, hosted by The Executives' Club of Chicago, was John Iwata, head of worldwide communications for IBM. (I planned to link to this Forbes bio of him, but you spend about 45 seconds clicking through ads and welcome screens...) He talked about IBM's blog guidelines, which were created on a Wiki. They're worth a look, if you haven't seen them yet. I'm thinking we could adapt them for BusinessWeek.

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