WiMax... For The Home?!

A company called Radiospire is betting its future on WiMax, a technology commonly expected to offer blanket coverage within metro and rural areas. Only Radiopsire sees this technology as being used to stream video and other content within the home. This is the strangest use of WiMax I'd ever heard of. And yet, it could work.
Olga Kharif

I recently heard about an interesting company called Radiospire Networks. This outfit is betting on the use of WiMax, a new technology that's expected to be used to provide blanket, wireless broadband coverage within cities and rural areas. Only Radiospire envisions this technology being used within the home. That's right. This could just be the strangest application of WiMax I'd ever heard of.

Radiospire makes chips for such at-home WiMax networks, which would, essentially, allow users to stream high-definition TV channels onto the home PC, or the other way around. So this technology competes with Ultra-Wideband and Wi-Fi, also looking for a place within the home.

SOme people in the know say WiMax might actually be better than the other alternatives, since it has more bandwidth and can transmit higher-quality video. The Radiospire folks, apparently, believe the technology can be made relatively cheap to allow for mass adoption.

Considering how much effort the various UVB outfits have put into promoting their alternative, that's hard to believe. But who knows, WiMax could come out of the left field and grab a chunk of the market that was expected to go to UWB and Wi-Fi. It's certainly an interesting idea.

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