KTM Rolls out the 990 Adventure

A new go-anywhere motorcycle from the maker of numerous Dakar winners offers sheer power plus some niceties for long-haul trips

In the recent Dakar Rally, which is surely the toughest and most dangerous motorsport event regularly held in the world, KTM motorcycles won for the sixth consecutive time, filling the first eight placings with the company's dominant 999cc v-twin machines. Less than a month later, KTM has unveiled its new 990 Adventure -- a motorcycle derived directly from the Africa-conquering machines, but with all the roadgoing niceties you'd like to have if you were travelling say, from Paris to Peking overland. Indeed, if wherever you're going is a long way and very rough, the KTM Adventure and its Dakar-dimensioned Adventure S (35mm more ground clearance and 35mm taller seat) are now the most likely candidates for the job. The Adventure was unveiled to the world press yesterday. Our favourite quote from the release goes to the winner of the 2006 Dakar event, Cyril Despres: "At 190 km/h through knee-deep sand you have to feel confident on your bike. After more than 10,000 kilometers the 990 Adventure is practically a part of you."

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