Are You Dooced If You Quit?

If you quit your job and stop blogging anonymously, were you dooced?
Heather Green

I missed this last week, but last week, Opinionista, the 27-year old, Ivy League trained lawyer who was blogging from inside a Manhattan law firm outed herself. After 10 months of using a veil to expose the petty rivalries, politics and inner workings of her profession, Melissa Lafsky is out in the open and out of a job. (She says she quit "to avoid scandal and prevent any potential embarrasment to my coworkers," so not technically she wasn't dooced.)

Still, and maybe this is to be expected, she says that the blog wasn't all about her one job. She writes that she pulled together stories from other firms she worked at and dramatized events, telling them from a melodramatic point of view.

And the bigger question, of course, (asked by Elana Centor) is now that she's outed, will she be able to keep her audience, who visited for stolen tidbits torn from inside her stealthy workaday life?

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