Welcoming The Welches

No nonsense. That's what you expect from Jack Welch, and that's what you'll get in a new column, "The Welch Way", that starts this week. Written with his wife, Suzy, the column will deliver blunt, get-it-done answers to questions posed by readers about leadership, competition, and careers. I can't think of a better duo to serve up smart, pragmatic advice to businesspeople.

In fact, that's what they've been doing since Jack retired in 2001 as chairman and CEO of General Electric. He and Suzy have spoken to more than 300,000 people around the world in groups large and small. As one of the most influential leaders in business history, Jack will draw on his 40 years of experience at GE. Suzy, the former editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review, will bring her own distinctive point of view to the column.

"The Welch Way" will run every other week, alternating with "Face Time with Maria Bartiromo." We're delighted to welcome Jack and Suzy as regular columnists. Please e-mail your questions to thewelchway@businessweek.com.

DAVOS IS DIFFERENT this year. An unprecedented 22 sessions on "Innovation, Creativity, and Design Strategy" mark the World Economic Forum (WEF) that begins on Jan. 25 in Switzerland.

With so much U.S., European, and Japanese manufacturing already being outsourced, the new frontiers of global competition are innovation, creativity, and design. In this second phase of outsourcing, we're seeing fresh approaches that are transforming industries and even creating jobs in the West. Our Cover Story, "The Future of Outsourcing," discusses these important changes and their impact on companies worldwide.

We understand from WEF officials that our Aug. 1 Cover Story, "Get Creative!," played a key role in shaping the Davos program. Reprints of "Get Creative!" and the current issue will be distributed at the WEF. They'll be hot items.

By Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief

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