Does Paying Attention Cost Too Much?

Rob Hof

Over at Bokardo, folks are trying to figure out how to deal with information overload, especially RSS feed overload, a problem a lot of us have been running into. It's interesting that few folks are suggesting a tech fix--maybe because it seems unlikely software can keep up with the fast-changing nature of information flows. Instead, a number of people are just tuning out, for awhile or for good.

I don't know yet if that's a good or a bad thing. Still seems like there's a big opportunity in helping people sort through the skyrocketing amount of conversation out there, something that does what our brains do when we talk to dinner partners in a crowded restaurant and manage to tune out what doesn't matter right now (even if it might be interesting). I don't think it just comes down to better automated filters or even social filters, though they may help. It needs to be something more active. Or maybe that's just the magazine editor in me talking.

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