Innovation, Google and Design in Davos

Bruce Nussbaum

The last day of Davos was all about innovation and design. While Bill Clinton was giving a great speech that I was sorry to miss, I was teamed up with Brian Collins Executive Creative Director for Olgivy & Mather, Marissa Ann Mayer from Google and five others in a CEO workshop on the hunt for creative talent. Is that a dream or what?

My notes tell me that if you are creative then you like open source innovation and have an open source mind. You believe in non-zero sum outcomes, are human centered and empathetic. You believe in prototyping and learning from your mistakes. You are interdisciplinary and cross-dress (deep verticle and wide horizontal). You know your creative product needs to be made tangigle through stories, videos, things. You like to collaborate creatively with very diverse people from around the world. If this is you, well apply to Google and all the other innovative companies around the world.

OK. Off to the Bollywood soiree. More notes later. We reinvented the media company.

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