Bill Gates and the xPod

Steve Hamm

My esteemed colleague Jay Greene broke the in the BusinessWeek print edition this week that Microsoft is considering making it's own digital music player to rival Apple's iPod. There's always a lot of speculation about upcoming gizmos from Apple--almost an obsessiveness, one might say, with what Steve Jobs has up his sleeve. And now that Bill Gates is considering taking Jobs on in the consumer electronics arena, gizmo mavens are working their feverish imaginations overtime to envison what Gates and his engineers might have in mind. Greene doesn't have a blog outlet of his own, so he sent me a bunch of links and asked me to post them. Maybe we can start a gallery? Check out the links on the next page, and, if you're inclined send in links of your own.

Here's a teaser

Check this out. Not a bad concept, really. Like that xBox logo.

Then there's this one. Splat.

Or A fan.

But, then...

And how's this?

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