Want Suspense in a Video Blog? Try Captain Humphreys

Heather Green

For anyone who thinks that video blogs are simplistic because they're typically news spoofs, or crackball skits, or artistic musings that only last a few minutes, there's a new blog on the block.

Called Captain Humphreys, the video blog is a tongue in cheek blog that each day is unfolding the story of how Eric Humphreys is building a tiny boat that he plans to sail around the world. Want suspense, detail, a long running narrative, reviews of military Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)? It's all here, and so much more....

So I just spoke with David O'Connor, who is one of the four guys behind this blog. And while the tone may be funny, they actually are serious about the "building the boat, going around the world" bit.

They tried last year to sell the idea tp networks and cable channels, including Discovery and National Geographic. But O'Connor says that while they got positive responses, no one wanted to take on the liability. So, after stumbling across Rocketboom last year online and then watching video online start to become a commercial reality, they decided to turn the idea into a video blog.

The goal? Hopefully raise some money so that they can actually make a go at their boat adventure. Ok to the video blog, but the actual voyage sounds crazy to me! (via,, of course, Rocketboom)

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