Dave Duffield's Next Move

Sarah Lacy

Do I mean Workday? Nope. Little new to report on that, but stay tuned. Details on exactly what Dave & the original PeopleSoft gang are up to should be coming out in the next few months. But when I caught up with Duffield at the AMR Conference last week, we did talk about his other move-- into the massive house in Alamo, outside San Francisco.

He's been living in Tahoe with his six children and many, many dogs, but is relocating to do Workday. Original plans called for a whopping 72,000 square foot house. No more. Now it's down to 19,000 square feet. The stables, some bedrooms and tennis courts are all getting left on the cutting room floor as they say.

To me and many others living in the pricey Bay Area, 19,000 square feet is still pretty impressive. Still, he'll no longer have a bigger house than Bill Gates, the President, and his once and future rival Larry Ellison.

What happened? "We were naive," Duffield says with a laugh. Neighbors didn't take too kindly to such a massive estate and Duffield,in his signature friendly style, capitulated.

Even amid all the Workday speculation and details of his homebuilding grandeur, Duffield himself has been press-shy of late. In fact, I hear frustrated reports that he's even been avoiding most of his Wall Street and industry analyst friends, lest he accidentally leak Workday details. Unfortunately, most of the press and analysts missed a rare public speaking appearance last Wednesday at the AMR conference, because it was smack in the middle of Oracle's Fusion event. Coincidence? Probably. But still pretty frustrating considering Ellison bailed on the Fusion event due to the flu.

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