Too Much Information Bill

Ford, going through a rought time of it, is leaning a bit on its advertsing to maintain goodwill with customers. But does the company really know how to use advertising to its advantage?

The company has been running coporate ads for a few months now, touting its committment to “innovation.” I have already criticized the effort on our other blog, Brand New Day. But this campaign bears looking at anew.

In a new ad about to begin running, CEO Bill Ford reminds people that the company is going through a rough patch. The CEO says his company is “determined to retake the American roadway.” The ad echoes the restructuring plan that Bill Ford and his top execs presented Monday and acknowledges the company’s recent woes. Lost market share, losses in the North American market, etc.

Memo to Ford, again!: You need to get out of MoTown some times. Why on earth would you spend good money to tell the public that you are going through a rough patch. This is a message that might be relvant across the I94 corridor in lower Michigan, but not in New York, Washington, lA, etc. This reminds me a bit of when Ford changed its ad slogan to “If You Haven’t Driven A Ford Lately, Look Again.” These whiney efforts are a long way from Lexus’s “The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection” or BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Consumers don’t want to hear about your troubles. That’s what they have the news media for. Just put your head down, tell us what you stand for, produce better looking vehicles that break less often, price em right and take your chances. Keep your therapy to yourself. It’s not worth spending ad dollars on.

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