Ex-BW staffer blogs on ad drop at BusinessWeek

Former BusinessWeek Senior Writer Gary Weiss analyses disappointing numbers at BusinessWeek.
Stephen Baker

This is the weirdness of blogging in today's mainstream pubs. I link to a former colleague, Gary Weiss, who is blogging about disappointing ad numbers at BusinessWeek.

The second commment to his post, though anonymous, has the ring of someone who works closely with us:

The hard-hitting reporting you bemoan withered away because of budgetary reasons. Besides the layoffs of the last several years, many of those who left on their own—as you did, Gary—were not replaced. Investigative reporting takes a lot of time and resources, and it’s tough to do when you are budget-challenged. That said, BW’s new editor-in-chief hired the Wall Street Journal’s Page One editor as an assistant managing editor last fall, and put him in charge of investigative projects. That’s an important commitment to investigative reporting. And indeed, the magazine has been producing more investigative reporting in recent months and will continue to do more. Whether that results in more ads...who knows? But it should make for a more interesting magazine.
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