Dumbing down for the work force

Offermatica CEO points out that sophisticated Web analytics tools are often too challenging for the work force.
Stephen Baker

More feedback from the math cover. One provocative point is that companies can buy the most sophisticated analytics systems on earth. But they're worth little if their workers can't understand them. This from Matthew Roche, CEO of Offermatica, a company that tests companies' online efforts.

One of the best comments I heard recently about Math in Marketing is from another client who said that he knew he needed to use advanced statistics, but victory was not just making advanced statistics and optimization possible for a quant, but to make it accessible to the type of person he can afford to hire.

Wall Street can afford one or two quants (who are, as you know, impossible to find). Marketing lives on the back of 26 year olds making much, much less.

Of course, this means there's a giant market opportunity for companies who build sophisticated math tools for unschooled users. That's what Google has accomplished in a big way.

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