Why Spot Runner May Be Revolutionary

Rob Hof

I like Umair Haque's take on the real reason why Spot Runner is revolutionary--or could be. This is the new outfit, still in beta, that lets local businesses buy generic but easily customizable ads to run in very targeted local TV markets. Says Umair:

"The indivisibility of ads has suddenly been vaporized. It's not just that anyone can buy them - when you buy an ad on Spotrunner, you're really buying several rebundled, microchunked goods - so it's that the ad itself has been redefined.... Spotrunner can be hyperefficient not just because it allows access to buying distribution online, but because it microchunks ads, letting them be rebundled - and so reused...."

At the same time, he adds:

"To me, the most interesting part of Spotrunner is that they've totally missed the biggest opportunity that currently exists to disrupt advertising, and that's easily within their grasp. It's not distribution, or the microchunking of generic ads...I'll leave it to you to guess (hint: think edge competencies)."

I'm still trying to catch up with Umair here (and many other places, for that matter), but I wonder if he means a hyperlocal version of ads like this one that customers themselves could create.

Update: Pete Cashmore already has the same idea.

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