Who Wins the Most as Disney Buys Pixar

Rob Hof

Steve Jobs and Apple, for sure. Doncha think? I have to believe that, contrary to all the stories that wax on about how much Jobs can change Disney culture, the Mercurial Man must know that's unlikely to happen, at least not anytime soon. Cultures don't change, except over many years. Maybe.

So what does he get? Full membership to the Hollywood Moguls Club and potentially the music, video, and other content that Apple needs to keep humming. Oh, I'm sure Disney's getting a good deal to recharge its rundown animation factory, and that's worth a lot. But that's not Disney's only challenge, so the benefit of having Pixar in-house helps only so much. Then, you have to slap a discount on the deal for the distinct possibility that the culture transplant could actually go the wrong way.

For Apple, though, this deal could be the knife that finally helps the tech world shuck the Hollywood oyster.

UPDATE: In case you didn't see the nice comment by John Hagel below, do yourself a favor and check out his great analysis.

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