Revise and Rewrite

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Heather Green

Element of the Week

I am still paging through my new copy of "Elements of Style" and came upon this pointer: "Revising is part of writing. Few writers are so expert that they can produce what they are after on the first try."

This morning in the elevator, I bumped into a colleague who is starting another BW blog tomorrow and asked how things are going. She said that starting a blog is exciting, but that the writing really takes up a lot more time than she expected. She was surprised by this. And I remember when I first started blogging being surprised too. Because you think, ok, short items, that won't take much time.

But blog posts do take time--at least when I want them to sound coherent and actually have a point. I still write in the MoveableType box. But I copy the longer items into Word and take another look at them there. The whole process doesn't take as long, now that I am getting the hang of writing in this kind of medium. But, it's writing. And no matter how much we write or how many posts we do, revising is part of writing!

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