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Amy Dunkin

Before I welcome you to BusinessWeek’s new Working Parents blog, I’d like to clarify something. We recognize that all parents, whether they go to an office and take home a paycheck, or not, are working parents. Being a good parent, after all, requires plenty of hard work.

But for the purposes of this blog, working parents are the ones who populate two overlapping, not always compatible worlds: the world of business and BlackBerries and the world of parent-teacher conferences, after-school activities, childcare issues, and lego.com to myspace.com.

The seven writers of this blog all have minor-age children and jobs at BusinessWeek. We move in and out of our two worlds every day, multiple times a day. We put interviewees on hold on Line 1 so we can speak to the school nurse on Line 2. We take frequent Gap breaks to keep our kids clothed. We struggle with time management and health emergencies and homework questions--in the office, on the way to and from the office, at home while we're awake, and even while we sleep.

We bloggers don’t have child psych or organizational behavior degrees; we haven’t appeared on Oprah to discuss the super-mom/ super-dad myth. Yet we’re all experts by virtue of necessity, panic, reporting skills, and on-the-job training.

Though we have BusinessWeek in common, we’re a varied bunch. Five of us are employed full-time, two work part-time. Two full-timers work at least one day a week from home. Collectively we’ve dealt with a full plate of work/life issues: flextime, childcare crises, special needs children, adoption, single motherhood, college savings plans, health insurance battles, nanny taxes, staying connected from the road, and so on.

Working Parents will be a bit different than the other blogs on this Web site because we’ll be drawing heavily from our personal experience. However, we’ll also be offering perspectives from outside our inner circle, whether from CEOs who set policy or working moms and dads we consider master jugglers.

So I’d like to welcome you to BusinessWeek’s new Working Parents blog, and invite you to join in the conversation about our favorite subjects: our kids and our work.

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