Online Extra: The Best Overall Equity Funds

These equity funds earned A ratings when compared to all other equity funds. Ratings are based on the five-year total return (ending Dec. 31, 2005), adjusted for risk. For more detail on these funds, see the Mutual Fund Scoreboard

ABN AMRO Real Estate N ARFCX 18.2% Real Estate
AEW Real Estate A NRFAX 19.5 Real Estate
AIM Developing Markets A GTDDX 19.0 Diversified Emerging Markets
AIM European Small Company A ESMAX 20.9 Europe
AIM Gold & Precious Metals Inv FGLDX 28.3 Precious Metals
AIM International Small Company A IEGAX 22.3 Foreign
AIM Real Estate A IARAX 21.0 Real Estate
Adelante US Real Estate Securities Y LLUYX 18.4 Real Estate
Aegis Value AVALX 18.3 Small-cap Value
Al Frank VALUX 17.1 Mid-cap Value
AllianceBernstein Real Est Invstmnt A AREAX 18.7 Real Estate
AllianceBernstein Real Est Invstmnt Instl I ARIIX 18.4 Real Estate
Alpine International Real Estate Equity Y EGLRX 21.1 Real Estate
Alpine Realty Income & Growth Y AIGYX 20.3 Real Estate
Alpine US Real Estate Equity Y EUEYX 29.1 Real Estate
Amer Beacon Emerging Market Instl AEMFX 20.1 Diversified Emerging Markets
Amer Beacon Small Cap Value PlanAhead AVPAX 18.4 Small-cap Value
Amer Century Global Gold Inv BGEIX 32.2 Precious Metals
Amer Century Real Estate Inv REACX 19.7 Real Estate
Amer Century Sm Company Inv ASQIX 16.1 Small-cap Blend
Artisan Small Cap Value ARTVX 15.8 Small-cap Value
Berwyn BERWX 19.9 Small-cap Value
BlackRock Global Resources Inv A SSGRX 30.5 Natural Resources
Boston Company International Small Cap SDISX 19.5 Foreign
Boston Company Small Cap Value STSVX 16.6 Small-cap Value
Bridgeway Micro Cap Limited BRMCX 16.2 Small-cap Blend
Bridgeway Ultra Small Company BRUSX 27.3 Small-cap Blend
Bridgeway Ultra Small Company Market BRSIX 23.7 Small-cap Value
Bruce BRUFX 30.5 Domestic Hybrid
Burnham Financial Serv A BURKX 19.4 Financial
CGM Focus CGMFX 23.3 World
CGM Realty CGMRX 28.9 Real Estate
Cohen & Steers Realty Focus Instl CSSPX 21.6 Real Estate
Cohen & Steers Realty Income C CSCIX 16.5 Real Estate
Cohen & Steers Realty Shares CSRSX 19.0 Real Estate
Cohen & Steers Reatly Shares Instl CSRIX 19.1 Real Estate
Consulting Grp Cap Mkts Emerg Mkts Eq Inv TEMUX 17.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Davis Real Estate A RPFRX 18.2 Real Estate
Delafield DEFIX 17.0 Small-cap Value
Delaware Emerging Markets A DEMAX 24.5 Diversified Emerging Markets
Diamond Hill Bank & Financial A BANCX 18.0 Financial
Diamond Hill Small Cap A DHSCX 20.3 Small-cap Value
Dreyfus Premier Emerging Markets A DRFMX 20.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Dreyfus Premier Enterprise A DPMGX 17.8 Small-cap Blend
Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth DREGX 20.9 Diversified Emerging Markets
EII Realty Securities Instl EIIRX 16.9 Real Estate
Eastern European Equity A VEEEX 24.3 Europe
Eaton Vance Asian Small Companies A EVASX 22.1 Diversified Pacific/Asia
Eaton Vance Emerging Mkts A ETEMX 19.9 Diversified Emerging Markets
Eaton Vance Greater India A ETGIX 21.9 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Evergreen Emerging Mkts Gr A EMGAX 19.0 Diversified Emerging Markets
Evergreen Precious Metals A EKWAX 35.8 Precious Metals
Excelsior Emerging Markets UMEMX 20.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Excelsior Real Estate UMREX 17.7 Real Estate
FBR Small Cap FBRVX 21.5 Small-cap Growth
FBR Small Cap Financial FBRSX 18.8 Financial
Fidelity Advisor Korea A FAKAX 28.5 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Fidelity Advisor Latin America A FLTAX 20.5 Latin America
Fidelity Advisor Leverged Co Stock A FLSAX 24.1 Mid-cap Value
Fidelity Canada FICDX 15.8 Foreign
Fidelity Emerging Market FEMKX 19.1 Diversified Emerging Markets
Fidelity Japan Small Co FJSCX 17.6 Japan
Fidelity Latin America FLATX 22.0 Latin America
Fidelity Low Priced Stock FLPSX 17.3 Small-cap Value
Fidelity Real Estate Investment FRESX 19.0 Real Estate
Fidelity Select Construction & Housing FSHOX 17.3 Miscellaneous
Fidelity Select Gold FSAGX 28.0 Precious Metals
Fidelity Select Industrial Materials FSDPX 16.2 Miscellaneous
Fidelity Select Medical Delivery FSHCX 16.0 Health
Fifth Third Micro Cap Value Instl MXAIX 20.7 Small-cap Value
First American Real Estate Securities Y FARCX 19.9 Real Estate
First Eagle Global A SGENX 17.9 International Hybrid
First Eagle Gold A SGGDX 36.5 Precious Metals
First Eagle Overseas A SGOVX 19.0 Foreign
Forward Emerald Select Banking & Finance A HSSAX 18.9 Financial
Forward Uniplan Real Estate Investment FFREX 16.2 Real Estate
Franklin Gold & Precious Metals A FKRCX 25.1 Precious Metals
Franklin MicroCap Value FRMCX 21.1 Small-cap Value
Franklin Real Estate Sec A FREEX 17.7 Real Estate
GMO Emerging Markets Quality III GMASX 23.9 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Gabelli Gold AAA GOLDX 33.2 Precious Metals
Gartmore Emerging Markets A GEGAX 19.8 Diversified Emerging Markets
Goldman Sachs Emerg Mkts Eq A GEMAX 17.9 Diversified Emerging Markets
Goldman Sachs Real Estate Sec A GREAX 18.3 Real Estate
Guardian Baillie Gifford Emerging Mkts A GBEMX 20.8 Diversified Emerging Markets
Guinness Atkinson Asia Focus IASMX 19.6 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Hansberger Emerging Markets Instl HEMGX 19.4 Diversified Emerging Markets
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets HLEMX 21.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Harris Insight Emerging Markets N HEMAX 18.1 Diversified Emerging Markets
Heartland Value HRTVX 16.8 Small-cap Value
Heartland Value Plus HRVIX 18.7 Small-cap Value
Hodges HDPMX 16.6 All Cap
Hotchkis & Wiley Mid-Cap Value I HWMIX 17.7 Mid-cap Value
Hotchkis & Wiley Small Cap Value I HWSIX 25.0 Small-cap Value
ICON Energy ICENX 18.8 Natural Resources
ING Precious Metals LEXMX 29.3 Precious Metals
ING Russia A LETRX 48.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
iShares DJ US Real Estate Index IYR 17.2 Real Estate
iShares MSCI Australia Index EWA 18.5 Foreign
iShares MSCI Austria Index EWO 30.3 Europe
iShares MSCI Brazil Index EWZ 18.0 Latin America
iShares MSCI Mexico Index EWW 23.7 Latin America
iShares MSCI South Korea Index EWY 30.7 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Ivy Real Estate Securities A IRSAX 19.2 Real Estate
J Hancock Real Estate A JREAX 17.2 Real Estate
JPMorgan Realty Income I URTLX 19.2 Real Estate
JPMorgan US Real Estate A SUSIX 17.9 Real Estate
James Advantage Small Cap JASCX 16.5 Small-cap Value
Jennison Natural Resources A PGNAX 23.6 Natural Resources
Keeley Small Cap Value KSCVX 17.5 Small-cap Value
Kensington Strategic Realty A KSRAX 19.0 Real Estate
Laudus Rosenberg Intl Sm Cap Inv RISIX 16.3 Foreign
Lazard Emerging Markets Open LZOEX 22.2 Diversified Emerging Markets
Legg Mason Glbl Tr Emerging Mkts Prim LMEMX 20.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
MFS Emerging Markets Equity A MEMAX 19.9 Diversified Emerging Markets
MainStay Small Cap Opportunity I MOPIX 18.8 Small-cap Value
Managers Emerging Mkts Equity MEMEX 18.8 Diversified Emerging Markets
Managers Real Estate Securities MRESX 18.6 Real Estate
Matthews Asian Growth & Income MACSX 19.4 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Matthews Korea MAKOX 37.1 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Matthews Pacific Tiger MAPTX 19.6 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Mellon Emerging Markets M MEMKX 21.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
Merrill Lynch Developing Capital Markets A MDDCX 17.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Merrill Lynch Latin America C MCLTX 22.2 Latin America
Merrill Lynch Natural Resources A MDGRX 19.2 Natural Resources
Midas MIDSX 28.9 Precious Metals
Morgan Stanley Instl Emerging Markets A MGEMX 18.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
Morgan Stanley Instl Intl Real Estate A MSUAX 22.7 Real Estate
Morgan Stanley Instl US Real Estate A MSUSX 19.5 Real Estate
Morgan Stanley Real Estate B REFBX 17.9 Real Estate
Munder Real Estate Eq Invmnt A MURAX 17.9 Real Estate
Munder Small Cap Value A MNVAX 18.2 Small-cap Value
n/i numeric investors Small Cap Value NISVX 21.1 Small-cap Value
OCM Gold OCMGX 32.5 Precious Metals
Oakmark Global I OAKGX 18.0 World
Oakmark International Small Cap I OAKEX 20.6 Foreign
Oberweis Micro Cap OBMCX 19.8 Small-cap Growth
Old Mutual Heitman REIT Z OBRTX 18.5 Real Estate
Oppenheimer Developing Markets A ODMAX 23.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals A OPGSX 28.0 Precious Metals
Oppenheimer Intl Small Company A OSMAX 19.1 Foreign
Pacific Capital Small Cap A PCSAX 18.8 Small-cap Value
Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities PRCGX 24.2 Small-cap Growth
Phoenix Real Estate Sec A PHRAX 19.9 Real Estate
Pioneer Emerging Markets A PEMFX 18.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
Pioneer Real Estate Shares A PWREX 18.2 Real Estate
Polaris Global Value Investor PGVFX 16.4 World
ProFunds Real Estate Ultrasector Inv REPIX 18.6 Real Estate
Quant Emerging Markets Ord QFFOX 23.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
Quant Foreign Value Ord QFVOX 16.2 Foreign
RS Global Natural Resources RSNRX 26.2 Natural Resources
RS Partners RSPFX 23.6 Small-cap Value
RS Value RSVAX 17.4 Mid-cap Value
RiverSource Precious Metals A INPMX 23.9 Precious Metals
Robeco Boston Partners Sm Cap Val II Inv BPSCX 18.9 Small-cap Value
Royce Micro-Cap Inv RYOTX 16.0 Small-cap Value
Royce Special Equity RYSEX 16.8 Small-cap Value
Russell Emerging Markets S REMSX 18.8 Diversified Emerging Markets
Russell Real Estate Securities S RRESX 18.4 Real Estate
Rydex Precious Metals RYPMX 21.2 Precious Metals
SEI Emerging Markets Equity SIEMX 17.0 Diversified Emerging Markets
SSgA Emerging Markets SSEMX 20.2 Diversified Emerging Markets
Satuit Capital Management Micro Cap SATMX 21.4 Small-cap Blend
Schneider Small Cap Value SCMVX 24.0 Small-cap Value
Scudder Emerging Markets S SEMGX 17.9 Diversified Emerging Markets
Scudder Gold & Precious Metals S SCGDX 33.0 Precious Metals
Scudder Latin America S SLAFX 20.7 Latin America
Seligman Emerging Markets A SHEMX 18.8 Diversified Emerging Markets
Spirit of America Real Estate A SOAAX 18.2 Real Estate
Strategic Partners Real Estate Securities A PURAX 22.4 Real Estate
Stratton Monthly Dividend REIT STMDX 17.1 Real Estate
Stratton Small Cap Value STSCX 16.0 Small-cap Value
T Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean TREMX 27.4 Diversified Emerging Markets
T Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock PRMSX 19.2 Diversified Emerging Markets
T Rowe Price Latin America PRLAX 23.4 Latin America
T Rowe Price Real Estate TRREX 19.4 Real Estate
T Rowe Price Small Cap Value PRSVX 17.4 Small-cap Value
TAMARACK Enterprise S TETSX 17.6 Small-cap Value
TAMARACK Microcap Value S TMVSX 16.5 Small-cap Value
TCW Galileo Emrg Markets Equities I TGEMX 15.8 Diversified Emerging Markets
Templeton China World A TCWAX 20.9 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan
Templeton Developing Markets A TEDMX 18.7 Diversified Emerging Markets
Templeton Instl Emerging Markets TEEMX 19.3 Diversified Emerging Markets
Texas Capital Value & Growth TCVGX 17.4 All Cap
Third Avenue Real Estate Value TAREX 19.9 Real Estate
Third Millennium Russia TMRFX 41.4 Diversified Emerging Markets
Tocqueville Gold TGLDX 33.3 Precious Metals
US Global Accolade Eastern European EUROX 41.0 Europe
US Global Inv Global Resources PSPFX 31.6 Natural Resources
US Global Inv Gold Shares USERX 33.1 Precious Metals
US Global Inv World Prec Minerals UNWPX 38.1 Precious Metals
USAA Emerging Markets USEMX 16.7 Diversified Emerging Markets
USAA Precious Metals & Minerals USAGX 36.1 Precious Metals
Van Eck Global Hard Assets A GHAAX 20.5 Miscellaneous
Van Eck Intl Investors Gold A INIVX 33.0 Precious Metals
Van Kampen Emerg Mkts A MSRAX 17.6 Diversified Emerging Markets
Van Kampen Real Estate Securities A ACREX 18.5 Real Estate
Vanguard Emerging Mkts Stock Index VEIEX 18.7 Diversified Emerging Markets
Vanguard Energy Inv VGENX 20.7 Natural Resources
Vanguard Precious Metals VGPMX 31.4 Precious Metals
Vanguard REIT Index VGSIX 18.3 Real Estate
Wasatch Micro Cap WMICX 19.3 Small-cap Growth
Wasatch Small Cap Value WMCVX 17.1 Small-cap Value
Wells Fargo Advtg Small Cap Value Z SSMVX 17.9 Small-cap Value
Wells S&P REIT Index A WSPAX 17.4 Real Estate
Westwood Income AAA WESRX 15.9 Real Estate
William Blair Small Cap Growth N WBSNX 16.8 Small-cap Growth

*Appreciation plus reinvestment of dividends and capital gains before taxes. Jan. 1, 2001 through Dec. 31, 2005

Data: Standard & Poor's

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