Bad pitch blog

Bad pitch blog debuts. Is it ok for a journalist to forward some really miserable pitches?
Stephen Baker

PR people are about to be outed--and it's not coming from the journalists. Take a look at the new bad pitch blog. "I'm tired of remaining silent while my entire industry is slammed due to the performance of a few lazy people," writes co-founder Kevin Dugan in an e-mail. The blog's mission:

Our job ... will be to find the bad or “baddest” releases out there and try and figure out why they bothered squandering equity in order to flare up the ages-old contest of Flak Vs. Hack.

So here's a new question for you PR people. Months ago I dismissed the idea of blogging bad pitches, at least by name. It seemed needlessly nasty and cruel. But would it be OK to forward them to the bad-pitch blog?

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