Angelina Jolie And Bono Will be in Davos

Bruce Nussbaum

Lots of power celebs in Davos this year and there will be no snarky comments from me. They do good work by lending their celeb power to solving important problems. How many people in Silicon Valley or Wall Street do as much as Richard Gere (who was in Davos last year) who has his own foundation to fight AIDS in India and Sharon Stone (also last year) who is head of AMFAR, which raises money for AIDS reserach? Jolie is UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Bono, well he was one of the first singers to lend his name and support to helping Africa and developing nations.

There will be, for the first time, many sports celebs as well in Davos this week. Pele, who's real name is Edson Arantes Nascimento, according to the WEF website, the World Cup Soccer Champion will be there.

One quick question: How many top designers and innovators lend their celeb power to solving social and health problems? Many, many younger designers work on small projects but what about their bosses? I know a few doing good, quietly and privately. But most?

There will be a total of 2,340 participants from 89 countries, including 15 heads of state, 60 cabinet ministers, 23 religious leaders, 13 union leaders and 30 heads of NGOs. This year has the highest number of CEOs or chairman ever--735--from over 30 countries. India may have the highest number of top business people.

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