Plastic Wrapped Blogs?

Heather Green

It's awards season around here. That means we look through the listings of journalism awards from different groups, pick out which stories we think have a chance of winning, and fill out many, many, many forms.

All the awards groups have different formats they want you to follow when submitting your stories. I am doing a couple, but the one I worked on on Friday was particularly funny. First, I filled out the application so that Steve and I could submit the blogging cover to a business reporters group.

Then I read step two, which explains how this group wants you to present the article you're submitting. They ask you to tear the article out of the magazine and then put each of the individual pages in separate acetate protectors. I had one of those moments as I was putting each page in the plastic wrapping that of all things to be submitting like this, this blogging story made the least sense!

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