Photos: What's Right?

Question about the limits of some rights reserved designation when it comes to the Creative Commons deed
Heather Green

While I was trolling through Flickr, looking for a photo of a trophy for the post I wrote about journalism awards, I ran into a problem. I found some really cool photos, but under Creative Commons, they often had "some rights reserved". For instance, check out this cool photo of Lego trophies.

I can copy, distribute, display, and perform the work as long as I attribute the ownership, don't use it for commercial purposes, and don't a derivative work.

I found lots of photos like that at Flickr, so I didn't use any. BusinessWeek is certainly a commercial company. We sell ads on this blog and so if I used it, I would be violating the copyright. Tha'ts fine. That's this person's choice.

But what if I'm not BusinessWeek. What if I want to use it on my personal blog, but I use AdWords on my blog? Isn't that also a commercial use? I wonder if people who choose some rights reserved like this realize that they are actually limiting it this much. Or maybe they are..

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