Another blue-chip blogger: Platts launches alternative energy blog

Platts, McGraw Hill's energy information company, launches a renewable energy blog. Another sign that big companies are blogging--just not from the penthouse suites.
Stephen Baker

More questions about why the Fortune 500 companies don't blog. And yet new blogs from big companies are emerging constantly--just not from the penthouse suites. The latest from our company is the Renewable Energy Blog from Platts, the energy information service. A couple of months ago, Heather and I talked about blogging with Michelle Twist, London-based editor of It's great to see they've come out with a blog.

The first post ends with a provocative question, which I see has drawn thoughtful comments.

Are you concerned that if new nuclear power is built, it will divert state funding away from renewables, or lead to a market price for power that is too low for many new renewables, like solar photovoltaic or marine energy to be competitive?
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