Benioff's New Game

Sarah Lacy

Even with the burden of planning an event seemingly weekly, the folks at still have spare time on their hands. Witness the latest amusing, catty volley at the old software guard: A game where you can “save” weeping Siebel and Oracle employees by hitting them with the famous “no software” logo. It's kinda like whack-a-mole.

It’s all part of the Siebel recruitment effort and according to JMP Securities Analyst Pat Walravens, Salesforce is doing quite well, outbidding fellow on demand CRM company RightNow on some key sales hires. Last year, Salesforce offered any Siebel employees a $5,000 signing bonus to switch teams.

I can't help wondering if any customers who experienced the recent service outages would be as amused by the game…

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