Absolut Ads a Good Progression For an Iconic Campaign

David Kiley

There just aren't that many great great great ad campaigns. I'm talking about the ad campaigns that transcend commerce and become art. But the Absolut Vodka campaign hits that mark. That's why, of course, there are books and collectible posters related to the campaign, just as there have been with Volkswagen, Campari and other great brands.

The new ads will not focus on the iconic bottle shape as ads have in the past. One new spot features Hollywood glamour icon Marilyn Monroe singing to the U.S. troops in Korea with the copy "The Absolute Moral Booster." Another shows Neil Armstrong stepping out on the moonscape with the copy, "The Absolute Road Trip." It feels right to me. Even iconic, great ad campaigns have to progress. TBWA Chiat Day is the agency who produces the work.

Absolut, while still the number one vodka brand, is under a lot of pressure from brands like Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Ketel One. It seems hardly a week goes by that there isn't a new vodka brand or some new raft of flavor spinoffs of a brand crowding the space at the liquor store and behind the bar.

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