Stanford Has a Design Job For You

Bruce Nussbaum

Are you ready for a dream job in design education? I'm told that Stanford is looking for a new professor to lead the famous Joint Design Program. The tenure-track position is open and the chosen one will teach and develop the undergraduate and masters program in design. I hear that Stanford is looking for an exceptional leader, who may or may not have a Ph.d and who may or may not have much direct design experience. That certainly opens up the search to top designers and design managers from around the world.

Here's a portion of the statement offering the design position: "We seek candidates who conduct creative and independent research and teaching programs with a deep understanding of design thinking and who draw on art, engineering and behavioral sciences. We are recruiting new faculty in this area because there is a growing need to
understand how users experience products, services, environments and information, how products acquire a cultural significance, how designers can best learn their craft and how groups and organizations shape (and are shaped by) the practice of design. These issues
require familiarity with design methodologies and draw upon a number of research fields across engineering, art, interaction design, organizational behavior, social sciences and business. The
ideal candidate will be an accomplished designer and educator with experience in the conception and creation of products, services, interactive technology, environments and experiences, as well as an interest in the avant-garde. The ideal candidate will also need to be
a strategic thinker and contribute to the advancement and development of design as a discipline at Stanford."

Actually, my favorite part of the job offer is this: "Stanford University offers an appealing setting for faculty who wish to teach and do research in this area." Talk about understatement.

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