Core77 Throws a Great Design/innovation Conference

Bruce Nussbaum

One of the most important things I've learned in covering design is the critical importance of good partners and the crucial role tht the process of partnering plays in innovation. Without the Industrial Designers Society of America and Kristina Goodrich, it would have been almost impossible for me to increase the coverage of design in Business Week over the past decade. The IDSA and Kristina are design heroes that deserve much credit from the design community and the global business world that is now discovering the importance of design in innovation, growth and profits.

In launching the new online channel, Innovation & Design, Jessie Scanlon and I have been very fortunate in working not only with the IDSA but with a new batch of great partners. One of the earliest and most important partner is Core77. The two guys who run it, Allan Chochinov and Stuart Constantine, are putting together a conference program called Design2.0: Discussions on Design, Strategy & Innovation. The first one is on Feb. 28 in New York City at the swanky Union Square Ballroom.

I'll be moderating this conference not only because Alan and Stuart are good partners (and throw really great parties) but because I'm going to learn a lot from the participants. Google's Marissa Mayer wil be there and that should be sufficient for anyone interested in innovation to come. But there is much more. Service innovation guru Jeneanne Rae from Peer Insight will be there, as well as Kevin Farnham from Method and Andrew Zolli from Z-Plus Partners. It'll run from 1PM to 6PM in an open-source kind of way, with lots of time for Q&A's, networking, and general yakking. I insisted on a cocktail hour and Alan and Stuart assure me that there will be a "full-on" cocktail reception, whatever that is.

Media and marketing people, Wall Street people, finance people--and design folks--should come to this Core77 event to learn, have fun, and see what good partners can bring you.

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