Treo 650 or Treo 700w?

Cliff Edwards

I've got to say, sometimes this coopetition thing gives me the willies.

I've been playing with the new Palm Treo 700w for about a week now, and am still finding the Windows Mobile operating system on a Palm device a little disconcerting. Don't get me wrong, the new Treo is wicked-fast for downloads on Verizon's network. But it seems to me the ease of use of the Palm operating system is lost with Windows Mobile, despite the fact that all the companies say Microsoft's operating system becomes much more convenient to use with the one-thumb-away principle of accessing applications that you don't get with many other Windows Mobile devices.

Palm CEO Ed Colligan has said businesses are clamoring for the Windows operating system on handhelds. That no doubt is true. After all, we all want familiarity in our lives, and Windows is certainly familiar. But is it the better OS for a handheld? I'd argue the average consumer might prefer the 650 instead.

Anybody who's looked at both want to weigh in?

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