Some Useful VoIP-related Sites

With VoIP's use skyrocketing, VoIP-related informational sites are popping up left and right. Here are a few I found particularly useful.
Olga Kharif

With VoIP subscriber numbers skyrocketing, various VoIP-related informational sites are taking off as well. Here're a few that I've found to be quite useful:

1. If you are just starting to shop for a VoIP service, check out this site for price comparisions between the various services out there. also lets you compare services by features, such as voice mail and call waiting.

2. If you want to buy a special broadband phone/adopter to use with the VoIP service (and most services can work with a regular phone), check out reviews at

3. Once you have the service up and running, you can use to test your connection. The site can make a call from your phone to one of its test centers and provide you with a free report on your connection's call and video quality.

Then, you can conduct measurements that not all VoIP service providers can even do internally yet. So next time your service doesn't work well and you call your VoIP company to report problems, you'll have data proving that, indeed, things aren't working well.

Do you know of any other great VoIP informational/testing sites? Please be sure to share them with us.

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