Corporate Podcasting

A little on how IBM is using its podcasting efforts as a testbed.
Heather Green

Podcasting has a place within corporations. But it's not for everyone. So, IBM cleverly has thrown itself into trying to figure out what works by using its own company as a testbed. I spoke yesterday with Ben Edwards, an IBM corporate communication exec, to dig into their podcasting efforts (which Westchester Journal News wrote about (via Steve Rubel). So far, 70 internal blogs and an untracked number of outside ones have sprouted up at IBM since the company began encouraging its employees late last spring to use the technology.

Encouraging, inciting, inviting, are the words. IBM sent out a technical guide, a set of guidelines (essentially its blogging guidelines adapted for audio), put on its intranet a podcast tool that helps employees publish audio files, and is providing advice on buying equipment and how to fund those purchases.

Edwards said these efforts give the company experience, help ease the flow of information, and create an opportunity for a new kind of marketing that's content driven. The shows range from a podcast run by an exec in IBM's supply chain that replaces a weekly conference call to a podcast from IBM's Hursley lab in England outlining their R&D projects.

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