Smarter Global Coverage

Dear Reader, the issue you're holding is the last of our specialized international print editions, ending a run of two decades. In coming weeks we'll introduce you to a rich vein of daily international stories on BusinessWeek Online and in BusinessWeek Global, a single print edition that will cover the most important business events and trends of the week. The reporters and editors you've followed in print will remain in their overseas posts, filing for both the global edition and for new Asian and European channels on the online site. More stories, more frequently, sounds good. But why the change now?

Three reasons. First, our online readership has been exploding in recent years as you have developed new habits for getting information. Many of you have told us you read us online before our print edition arrives. Secondly, the only way we can efficiently reach an expanding class of business reader everywhere and especially in emerging markets is with digital delivery. Finally, we can develop a real conversation with you online and accommodate your interests with special features such as slide shows, podcasts, blogs, and personal viewpoint columns.

We didn't make this decision lightly. Our editions allowed us to create as many as 40 cover stories a year that were different than those in North America. We got to know many of you personally and introduced names and themes that later became household words: Think Samsung, think Offshoring, think Detroit East. We've had a chance to profile hundreds of fascinating people, from our Asian and European Stars to Zhou Litai, a courageous lawyer fighting for worker rights in China. It's now our obligation to not just maintain that standard of coverage but to exceed it.

Please let us know how we're doing (write and many thanks for all of your support.

By Bob Dowling, Managing Editor

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