VW's Three-Wheeler: For Real?

This concept is surprising enough, but the fact that VW is providing a price could mean it'll be on the street soon

Volkswagen dropped a bombshell of significant magnitude in the automotive market overnight by showing a new three wheeled vehicle concept machine which it has billed as a crossover between sports car and motorcycle. That the mighty Volkswagen company should consider such a vehicle is surprising, but in an unprecedented move for any major manufacturer and a concept machine, the company has specified a price, indicating that the extreme performance and economy of the three wheeler could be delivered to market for under US$17,000 and inviting consumer response to the concept. Considering that the three wheel, two seater will deliver supercar performance while offering access to the carpool lane and delivering 46 mpg (5.2 l/100 km), we suspect the public response might be positive. We?ve reported on a number of three-wheel concepts recently, including the Aprilia Magnet, Mercedes-Benz Life-Jet, the Peugeot's 20CUP, Toyota's I-Swing and the Phiaro Eternity.

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