Reporting on the Job: Take Two

Thinking about Steve Rubel's post on the question: To what length should bloggers go to verify the truth?
Heather Green

Steve Rubel posted about a theme that I am constantly wrestling with when it comes to blogging. Prompted by a thoughtful comment from Jon Garfunkel, Rubel writes about the question: To what length should bloggers go to verify the truth?

Blogging has been a learning experience for me. That's not really a surprise to me, since magazine reporting was a learning experience as well. These are crafts. But as I have progressed in blogging, I have learned to be more careful, not less.

Here's one small example. Feeling the pressure to blog often, I would point blithly to different posts and information online. Pointing was different than reporting, right? But I have learned that by pointing, you give credibility. You either have to frame how you point, just as you frame how you write a story or a commentary in a magazine, or you don't point at all.

Maybe there is something in the air, but just yesterday, after tripping over an old email from Garfunkel, I was reminded of this. The email was exactly about this issue, pointing without verifying. It wasn't a big deal, simply a research report. But I remember well how it reinforced my feeling that I needed to be more deliberate about blogging. So much for wacky freedom!

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