I've been had!

Peter Burrows

OK, I'm fool for a day. In a posting earlier today on iPod to iPod transfers, I mentioned a product that turned out to be an April Fools joke--and am thouroughly embarrassed. So thanks to all of you who apprised me of my error about the so-called iCopulate (And how was it that the inclusion of a tube of "strawberry-scented non-toxic iLube" didn't catch my eye? That's the last time I casually link to something without giving it a close read--or blog before having my first cup of coffee of the morning).

Anyway, thanks for pointing it out. And thanks to the rest of you for responding about your interest--or lack thereof--in doing iPod to iPod transfers. From the response today, this is no grave threat to music sales--certainly nothing approaching the many other threats they face.

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