iPod to iPod transfers: How big a trend?

Peter Burrows

I was speaking the other day with a music industry source about Apple's ongoing negotiations with the major music labels. He said that one of the labels' concerns was one I hadn't heard raised before: that the amount of people sharing songs, playlists or even music libraries through iPod to iPod transfers is reaching worrisome levels (if you're a music executive, that is).

Some quick Googling showed me that there are some after-market solutions out there to make this possible, such as the SyncboxII. There's also the iCopulate, which is a way to physically connect two iPods to make the transfer (Warning: Be ready for heavy doses of sex-related metaphor at this site). And ModGods offers an approach to what it calls "pod-shanking" that involves little more than a more than a cable and a Griffin iTalk voice recorder.

My question: How prevalent is iPod to iPod sharing? Have you done it, or are you running into people that do? Is it easy to do, or is this process too involved or difficult to become a a mainstream phenomonon?

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