Small Business Loans & Grants

Keep in mind the following when looking for state and local funding options to help your business succeed:

1. Consider city, county, or state assistance programs for qualified small businesses. Some examples include tax abatements, urban-renewal set-asides, rural access, workforce training, and economic development.

2. Contact your state senator’s or representative’s office. The staff there can be helpful in pointing you toward state funds or programs for businesses.

3. Take advantage of “in-kind” credits. Like cash, these can be used as matching funds. In one case, a state program counted a company’s $200,000 local property-tax abatement as part of the matching requirement.

4. Understand the purpose and requirements of the program. It may call for raising matching funds or creating jobs.

5. Remember that having a good business plan and strong management team will help you make your case.

Ken Yancey SCORE CEO Washington, D.C.

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