Skype's Celebrity Encounter

Skype, the popular VoIP service, is inviting users to participate in a cool new contest. The winner gets a phone conversations with band Coldplay. I believe this is the first time Skype is using celebrities to promote the service, and it could be indicative of a major marketing push to come from Skype in the coming months.
Olga Kharif

Skype, the popular VoIP calling service, is inviting its users to call a number for a chance to win a phone conversation with band Coldplay. Basically, the users can leave a voice mail for the band, and the band members will call one fan back.

I think (correct me if I am wrong) that this is the first time that Skype has teamed up with a celebrity to promote the service. Clearly, this, along with the announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show, indicates that owner eBay is planning to take Skype to the next level -- in a big way.

Already, Skype is clearly popular enough for cool bands like Coldplay to want to do cross-promotion with it. I wouldn't be surprised if Skype does more celeb advertising in the coming months. Perhaps it will follow rival Vonage's example and start pouring millions into marketing? Could be. After all, in this business, economies of scale are key. And marketing using bands like Coldplay should be super-effective, I should think, in drawing more users to the service.

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