BW TechBeat Haiku Contest: Calling for Entries

Steve Hamm

Rather than doing something conventional like post my predictions for 2006 (Sorry, Rob ;-)), I have decided to kick off the new year with a tech haiku contest. The inspiration: This blog collecting haikus about mainframes.
The rules: Write a haiku in some way related to the tech world and send it in as a comment. Assuming people actually write poems and send them in, anybody else can vote for their choice as the best BW TechBeat Haiku by sending in a comment/vote. The prize is blogosphere fame. The winner--again, assuming people actually send in poems--will get her or his picture published on TechBeat along with the appropriate kudos.
For those of you who have forgotten how to write a haiku, here's a refresher. I'm going with the less-strict "free-form haiku" definition, though, when I vote, I'll give extra points for more formal poems.
To get things rolling, here's a haiku. I thought of this while crossing the Avenue of the Americas in a sleetstorm.

Those smart Google guys
Everything they touch
Turns to--Google

Here are some of those mainframe haikus:

Less a lumbering
Dinosaur as is believed
Big iron is speed
-- Haiku by Brian Capps of Portland Community College

New world discovered
Mainframes are a legacy
In old lies future.
-- Ezra Fernandez, SUNY Binghamton U.

The wind blows softly
Through the leaves of autumn. wait,
That's just the mainframe
--Van Landrum, U. of South Alabama

Which of the two is preferred?
Either way, convert
--Frank Migacz, Northern Illinois U.

Thousands of options
Stable like the mountain peak
Can it play Starcraft?
-- Ian Penney, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mainframe, desire
But not too much, or it will
Surely overheat
--Aaron McMahan, West Virgina University at Parkersburg

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