What The Seers See

What 54 forecasters project for the economy in 2006

For BusinessWeek's annual economic outlook survey, we asked 54 forecasters for their projections on important indicators that will shape the economy's performance in 2006. We also asked them for their opinions on some of the key trends to watch in the coming year. We'll take a look at how accurate they are this time next year.

The survey is organized from top to bottom, ranked by the economists' projections for fourth-quarter-to-fourth-quarter growth in real gross domestic product: strongest growth at the top, weakest at the bottom. To help you derive some insights from the numbers, we have included five survey highlights of what the experts expect for some specific areas. Match the color of each column of data with its color-coded counterpart at the right.

Download the BusinessWeek Economic Survey of 2005

By James Mehring

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