Neverwinter Nights 2

Obsidian is hard at work polishing Neverwinter Nights 2 for a 2006 release and I'm very intrigued by it. The new graphics engine, called Electron, is capable of some very attractive visuals, but the all new single player campaign, over 70 fully scalable monsters types, the inclusion of the warlock class, multi monitor support, the companion system where you can take three of ten party members into battle, and the improved modification toolset makes this so much more than just another fantasy adventure. But even with all of these new improvements, Neverwinter Nights 2 still resides in the shadow of its two million selling predecessor. However, after playing Obsidian's other follow up to a Bioware series, Knights of the Old Republic 2, it's a safe bet to assume that this will be yet another success for not only the developers but Atari as well.

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